The oldest Polish flamenco band!

Its frontman - Witek Łukaszewski - was chosen for three times (in 1995-1997) the best flamenco guitarist in Poland (according to the professional magazine „Guitar and bass”) and was the creator of one, over the last fourteen years!, in the whole Central and Eastern Europe Flamenco Festival, which took place in Poland.

The concert of Acid Flamenco means music & dance show in cherry Andalusian fiesta style with dancing, castanets and singing full of guitar sounds, rattle of dancer’s shoes and bandsmen exclamations inviting themselves and the audience to common fun. Recitals of Witek and Band are not limited by time. The Artist feels the best on stage, recognizing the rest of his life tedious appendix - hearty feast of music provided!

The band recorded two albums (“Acid flamenco” and “Flamenco magic”), traveled throughout Europe and has repeatedly appeared in TVP (Polish Public Television) and Polish Radio.

Acid Flamenco (1995)
SongPlay Time
(Acid Flamenco)

3:54 min
Rumba Gitana
(Acid Flamenco)

4:49 min
(Acid Flamenco)

2:47 min
13 Tunes for the Guitar and Woman (2004)
SongPlay Time
(Witek £ukaszewski)

4:00 min
Szukam mojej Anny
(Witek £ukaszewski)

6:05 min