He was born long time ago in Warsaw’s village Szczecin somewhere between Świnoujście and Kołobrzeg. Born of father and mother but nobody knows what for.

When he was young he did not represent any artistic skills, not to mention the musical abilities. On the other hand, he was interested in sex with his neighbour Halinka in overturned on its side sauerkraut barrel. This preference has remained to this day (I think about Halinkas, not about barrels of course!).

The first sexual contacts had fatal results – they were caught red handed and - in spite of minority (they were together seven years old) - severely punished. That was the moment when Witek found out that Halinka screamed in Cis and he in A. But it did not have any relevance to pain of seat.

He attended schools as Primus and would be a decent little citizen, but fortunately the fate watched over him and met him with a guitar. From that time everything has changed and his normal life packed up.

At the beginning of his abnormal life, at first he recorded three albums – the first with his band Acid Flamenco (1995) and the second and the third with Red Pink (1997, 2002). In the frame of mentioned above life and his interest (Who knows for what reason?) in flamenco, he organized the only one in Eastern and Central Europe Flamenco Festival, in which were taking part the greatest guitar masters headed by Paco Pena and Tomatito and where did not come any central media because the festival was located in a total shit-hole in Kościan. Three times, between 1995-1997, he was chosen the best flamenco guitarist in the country by professional magazine „The guitar and bass” what of course has no meaning.

He has played and he is still playing with the best musicians in Poland, for example Józef Skrzek and SBB, Tomek Szukalski, Jurek Styczyński (Dżem), Andrzej Przybielski (Niemen band), Wojtek Hoffamn (Turbo) or Marek Raduli (ex. Budka Suflera). Exactly with them he produced very strange and „freaky” album under the aegis „Undertow” (2003) reffering to the best influences of jazz and rock traditions. I think that with the current prevailing trends would have a chance to sell about 100 copies! However, he is still devoted with his body and soul to his flamenco & rock life and, in that way, albums: „13 tunes for the guitar and woman” (2004) and „Flamenco magic” came into existence.

Listening to the advice of good people who advised him to move to Warsaw in order to build a career, he moved to the neighborhood of Łagów Lubuski, where he lived in a ramshackle house on the lake, together with his twelve guitars, Ruin cat, dog Macedonian Alexander and three moles in the garden, whom he established good-neighborly friendly relations. There was no subway in Łagów but the wind blowing from the lake was bringing beautiful notes, thoughts which lost touch with reality and leaves falling on the paper notes in the autumn which resulted in a novel about heroes of his younghood – Led Zeppelin „Stairway to Heaven” (2007) and book of poems „Cafe Poema” (2009).

As an artist he cannot stay at one place for a long so in the recent years he wanders among castles in Łagów and von Podevills in Krąg, Stud Farm in Sowiniec and Warsaw, where it is possible to meet him walking through Warsaw’s old town and/or walking aimlessly writing new books in coffee house at old Freta street, mostly in Freta Gallery, where good people offered him the place for trials and concerts.

He plays and creates music which does not want to become popular. He went to visit a doctor with that problem in Rural Health Center but the doctor did not help him. Oh well, it must, that it must be so!